Concern has been growing in recent months as an economic “perfect storm” of events and actions target the life’s savings of millions of Americans.

The list of threats to retirement accounts seems to grow every week. Many believe the ongoing banking collapses are the biggest threats, but they’re actually #3 on the list.

Here are the top three challenges Americans are facing that can decimate their life’s savings:

  1. Forced “Woke” Compliance – ESG, DEI, and CEI are plaguing the financial industry as both companies and financial advisors are being compelled by “woke” policies to hold “equity” in higher regard than good business practices. Retirement accounts that were flourishing just a couple of years ago are floundering today because of what Elon Musk calls the “Woke Mind Virus.”
  2. Inflation and the Diminishing Dollar – It isn’t just the reduced buying-power of the dollar that is forcing Americans to cut back. For the first time in decades, we’re facing a truly existential threat to the U.S. Dollar itself. De-dollarization is taking hold worldwide. If the U.S. Dollar loses its status as the world reserve currency, what will happen to retirement accounts that are stuck in the various markets?
  3. Banking System Collapse – Big banks are quickly gobbling up smaller banks, prompting other small and regional banks to experience withdrawal runs, tanking stocks, and the need for taxpayer-funded bailouts.

With so much risk of ongoing turmoil and diminishing returns or even losses, where are Americans turning for financial stability?

Physical precious metals have held value since the dawn of humanity and many Americans are moving their retirement to the smart money.

Genesis Gold Group has a unique understanding of the problems plaguing Americans. As a faith-driven, patriotic company, we are not beholden to “wokeness” nor do we bend to the pressures being exerted on the industry by government meddling. Our focus is 100% on our customers and making sure their wealth and retirement are protected through the tumult.

“Genesis Gold Group is a conservative, fellowship-driven company that treats people honestly. They’re the only Gold IRA company I recommend.”

— Dean Cain

As a company of integrity with decades of experience, we can help you move your retirement to the “economic high ground” of a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals. We do this by directing our clients toward long-term growth and security. Unlike many in the industry, we do not use high-pressure tactics to put you into a Gold IRA that is loaded with high-margin products or hidden fees.

We are transparent and will answer any questions you have. What accounts qualify to rollover into a Gold IRA? What are the tax implications and can it be done tax-free? Where will my precious metals be stored and can I see them? How do disbursements work? Can I have the metals sent to my home?

“It could be time to buy gold and stockpile food.”
— Tucker Carlson

Contact us today. We can send you the Definitive Gold Guide produced exclusively for Genesis Precious Metals.